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Nobuhiro Watsuki: the mangaka who owned 100 child pornography DVDs

Nobuhiro Watsuki
Nobuhiro Watsuki is the author of the famous shōnen manga Ruroni Kenshin (also known as Samurai X). Kenshin, specially through its anime, was a great reference for many people in their childhood and adolescence, both in Japan and abroad. He’s been an admired (and even beloved) mangaka since then. He’s also drawn Busō Renkin, Embalming, Gun Blaze West and Yamato Takeru. His real name is Nobuhiro Nishiwaki.

A part of all this, Watsuki is a paedophile. Some weeks ago, he was arrested for child pornography possession. He had more or less 100 DVDs of little girls’ pornography. When caught, Watsuki accepted to be sexually attracted to “girls in late elementary school to around the second year of middle school”. That is: from 10 to 14 years old.

What Watsuki did is unforgivable. And he won’t pay for it. Not enough. Japanese law only punishes child pornography possession with a million yen fine (€ 7,555 or USD 8,800; so cheap for a wealthy man like him) and/or* a year in jail (many sources say with forced labour; others don’t specify).

A lot of fans defended this infamous person or started saying other junk, instead of absolutely condemning what he did. Let’s go with all the shitty comments:
  • “I met him in person and he didn’t seem like that.” What the fuck? Paedophiles, rapists and abusive husbands don’t hold a sign saying they’re like that.
  • “Well, you know, he only had the child pornography since 2015, so when he did Kenshin he wasn’t like this.” Yikes. The Japanese law bans having child pornography since 2015, so that’s what’s legally relevant and why Watsuki’s been caught. Police won’t investigate if he had bought that material before and media won’t definitely tell us about that either. We’ll never know for sure, but odds are he had child pornography before 2015.
  • “There’s nothing of this in Kenshin.” Well, when the they first meet, Kenshin (a man) is 28 and Kaoru (a girl) is 17. They’re the main couple in the show. So yup, like it or not, there’s something of this in Ruroni Kenshin.
  • “Now society will think even worse about manga fans.” With shitty opinions like this, of course! These people are saying that for them is more important the reputation of otaku culture than the sexual security of little girls. Disgusting. By the way: everytime there are more and more nazis in the manga fandom and most of manga fans don’t give a fuck about it.
  • “Well, that’s his private life.” Nnnnnnope. In order to create that 100 child pornography DVDs, hundreds or thousands of little girls were sexually abused. Private life is waking up at 15 h on weekends or pooping once a week.
  • “Knowing to separate an author from their works is a virtue.” That’s a weak excuse to going on financing that paedophile without remorse.
  • This one is not a comment per se, but many fans who don’t firmly condemn Nobuhiro Watsuki for having bought child pornography, are at the same so salty with mangakas who put on hiatus their series for whatever reasons (such as Ai Yazawa, CLAMP, Yukiru Sugisaki, Yoshihiro Togashi or Kentaro Miura) or who are a pain in the ass for licencing their series abroad (such as Naoko Takeuchi). So basically their think it’s worse to stop a series or be fickle with publications abroad than being a paedophile who funds children sexual abuse.

For these fans their priority is their idol. Instead of thinking for a second that what Watsuki did is awful, instead of speaking against him, they choose to be part of the problem. Because society allows this acts of power and this attitude enforces them. ZERO TOLERANCE with paedophiles. I can’t believe in the 2017 this is still a debate in the so-called “First World”.

I’m not asking for the impossible. I’m asking for the most human basic decency. The minimum within the minimum. It’s basic to firmly condemn the men who act against little girls’ sexual security. Come on. It’s not that much. It’s not that hard. It’s no damn joke! We’re speaking of child pornography! Furthermore, it’s not been just once or twice (also and always condemnable), but Watsuki is a hardened consumer of child pornography. He’s found to have 100 child pornography DVDs! For god’s sake!

Watsuki contributed to ruin many childhoods. And I’m not thinking about his fans’. I’m thinking about all the little girls who were sexually abused multiple times in order to produce that much child pornography. Can you even imagine hundreds or even thousands of little girls with sexual traumas for life? Their childhoods have been robbed from them. And Watsuki masturbated to all this suffering. He just didn’t care.

There’s child pornography because there’s people (mostly men) who’ll pay big money for it. Never ever forget.

Side note: In this article I say “sexually abused” and not “raped” because through the information it’s not clear if the little girls were raped. Some sources speak about naked little girls.

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*Sources are contradictory about this.